It seems that every blog has a page like this, but not sure anyone ever reads them (?).

It is always a bit daunting and awkward having to write about oneself, anyhow, here goes nothing and hopefully you’ll get some idea, of what kind of person I am.

First things first, my name is Florence. I’m 21 years old, British, but have lived in Belgium, Luxembourg, the UK, Hong Kong and currently Germany – ironically I have a degree in International Relations.

After graduating from university this summer, I moved to Berlin to do an internship. Unfortunately, the experience turned out to be disappointing, so I decided to make my time here useful, by attempting to learn German. Something that will probably turn into a life-long mission!

I also work part-time as a nanny, and a runner for a catering company. I look after three children – who only speak German – which at times is hard but it is also a lot of fun, and they are not scared to correct my terrible German.

When needed, the catering company calls me for a job. It’s often long hours, but the team I work with is good-humoured. Many laughs and good moments are shared.

The plan is to eventually save some money, in order to volunteer in a community building project in Nepal, before starting a Master program in September 2016.

In my free time I enjoy the many wonders that Berlin has to offer, and I started this blog. The main theme being the current refugee crisis. With time, I will focus on Berlin and how it has historically been a center for refugees. I will thus compare the influx of people that poured into Berlin after the wall came down, with the current German response to the refugee crisis. Firstly though, I seek to provide a relatively neutral overview of the situation which faces Europe today.



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